The most suitable roof system for large boats or with large openings

Suitable for usage on motor or sailing boats, medium to large size. Designed for the best aesthetic completion of each yacht profile, possibly completed with optional integrated nose-cone.

Technical features

  • Customized engineering on clients’ needs
  • Low maintenance, self lubricating, self cleaning tracks and cars with parts in silicone-nylon
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 and aluminum construction, with parts mirror polished
  • Carts material of construction: non-hygroscopic plastic
  • Type 316 stainless steel cable system
  • Clear width of opening from 1,5 to 3 mt
  • Clear length of opening from 1,5 to 3 mt
  • Indicative speed opening 5 mt./min.
  • Integrated torque limiter in the drive wheels made of brass with high resistance to traction
  • Tensioner unit installed on the base channel. Motor and control unit separated
  • Drive unit:
    • 12 or 24 volt available
    • Fixed ratio gearbox
    • Protected IP54 unit
  • Electrical control box rated IP66
  • Bow and aft proximity sensors
  • Electrical overload safety trip
  • Activation via two-way switch mounted on the dashboard - customer supplied
  • Optional Remote control
  • Indicative weight of the system: 65kg. (for mechanism mt. 3 x 2,5 – canvas weight apart)
  • Versions: soft-top - with canvas colors selectable from a wide selection of fabrics - or hard-top for panels of composite materials, glass, plexiglass (provided by customer)


Core system is designed to accommodate build variation, extremes of temperature and weather, and structural movement of the boat whilst at sea. Extensive salt spray and function testing is carried out


allows to keep stretched the canvas during the roof opening and closing

With this option, both the outer fabric and the inner lining remain in tension during the operations. The fabrics are folded neatly in sequence towards the aft. If the canvas remains open in the intermediate position, the part of still extended roof remains perfectly tensioned, maintaining usable the whole height in the cabin. Available for both manual and powered roofs.

A very unique system, allows to keep the fabric stretched during the operationality

  • The canvas is gathered in an orderly way toward the rear the roof
  • The aerodynamic shape of the roof is maintained even while it is operated


for raising the canvas outside during the opening of the roof

With this option, both the outer canvas and the possible inner lining are raised outside. System designed for keeping lifted the canvas outside the cabin when the roof is open.

  • The canvas is lifted up by the mechanical lifters located centrally between each crossbeam
  • The fabric is collected in an orderly way towards the aft without the need for any garage for the collecting
  • Lifting and fallout happen in a smooth manner, with a controlled action by special shock-absorbing springs located inside the sliding system
  • Lifters in stainless steel, crossbars in aluminum